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Keynote Musical

You compete source for scores, recordings, arrangements and new compositions of all kinds!


An ever expanding collection of fun and useful links to music recordings, sheet music, creativity tools and more.


Instrument, Orchestration, Music, Sheet Music, Manuscript Paper, Transcribing Resources

A versatile manuscript paper maker.

Instrument ranges, transpositions, score order, orchestration technique, fingering charts, history and more!


Public Domain Sheet Music, Choir Music, Chamber Music, Instrumental Music, Repertoire, Literature, Songs

A healthy collection of transposable jazz standards.

A wealth of classical and non-classical sheet music.

A vast collection of public domain choral music.

More public domain sheet music

Public domain sheet music from the John Hopkins music library website.

A list of public domain music sites


Live Music, Recorded Music, Shows, Concerts, Bands, Music Festival Recordings, Internet Radio, New Music

A library of live music.

Listen twice and feel yourself relax.

Free access to a bulk of the music you'd eve be looking for online.

My personal favorite music site ever. Find endless numbers of bands you've never heard of that sound like those favorite bands of yours you've played endlessly.


Musical Perception, Cognition, Awareness, Contemplative Practices, Self Awareness, Reducing Nervousness, Musical Communication And The Brain

Contemplative practices and considerations for musicians.

A study in musical perception and communication.

A scholarly organization dedicated to the study of music cognition.


Music Theory, Chord and Scale Theory, Notes and Duration, Writing Music, Musical Ornaments and Markings, Keys and Time Signatures

Find the name of the melody by looking it up in a melody dictionary!

An extensive music theory website.

Another great musical theory website.

Musical ornaments and decorations.

An in-depth book on musical syntax.

Find the spelling and notesets of complex chords and scales


Sound Generator, Sequencers, Visual Music, Applied Sound, Random Composition Generator, Online Electronic Synthesizer, Ambient Sound Creator

Spirituality and Muisc

Exploring the poetic mysteries of sound, music, art, spirit, and healing.


Sound Generator, Sequencers, Visual Music, Applied Sound, Random Composition Generator, Online Electronic Synthesizer, Ambient Sound Creator

Create ambient by mixing nature-based sound effects

A visual sound creator

Grid visual sequencer

Music of the spheres.

Create music from words.

Organic sound generator.

User controlled random composition generator.

A list of public domain music sites